A stake pool is used to delegate your voting powers to a third party (this pool).
The pool doesn't have access to your funds.

Using a stake pool is beneficial because the servers are geographically distributed and redundant which vastly increases the odds that your vote will always be cast even if a network or server outage occurs. Our stake pool charge a 5% fee from the vote reward (less than 0.08 DCR) to pay for server costs and system administration labor.

We have 5 different servers with voting wallets in separate geographic locations across the planet to guarantee you 24/7 availability.

Trust of the Community

More than 150,000.00 DCR invested in our stakepool by the biggest PoS-miners of the network.


Stakepool does NOT control your funds and cannot steal them. You delegate only voting powers on your tickets.

High Availability

Redundant wallets across all the world to guarantee 100% uptime and wallets online 24/7.

Multilingual Support

We speak English, Russian and Italian.
Contact us at

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